CRS708 CR815 common rail test bench

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1、 Basic model 7.5KW-22KW 380v 3-phase/ 220v single phase

2.Test All kinds of common rail injectors

3.Test All kinds of Piezo injectors

4.Test All kinds of common rail pumps 

5.Test All kinds of EUI/EUP with BIP functions 

6.Test All kinds of HEUI injectors

7.Test All kinds of HEUI actuation pumps 

8.Test CAT 320D pump 

9.Test Denso HP0 pump 

10.The highest rail pressure is 2700 bar

11、 Delphi Bosch Denso Siemens injector code

12、 EUI EUP with gear scale cam box

13、 HEUI (oil + diesel dual oil circuit, conjoined gripper)

14、 BoschCRIN4(4 pin) injector testing 


Product characteristics

1. Three systems work independently without disassembly (independent driving pump nozzle kit, common rail injector kit, medium pressure injector Kit);

2. Accurate response time at the original factory level (all high-speed, medium speed and interest rate can be tested);

3. It is equipped with Carter medium pressure common rail oil pump and injector test function as standard. The oil pressure is highly standard and the accuracy is highly reliable (optional injector coding function);

4.Adopt the original imported flow sensor from Germany, and the test data is accurate.The test dataare closely related to the original Bosch data collected by professionals.

5.Support generation of Bosch IQA code and cummins XPI QR code.,Denso QR code generation,Delphi QR code generation,Siemens QR code generation,

6. Fuel injector response time test.

7. Support fuel injector armature lift test.

8. Solenoid valve resistance test

9.Solenoid valve inductance test

10. Turn on pulse width test

11. Turn on the pressure test

12. The server updates system data online in real time.

13.Standard industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration,24 hours a day.

14,.High equipment reliability and trouble-free operation throughout the year.

15,Hardware program(PC program/driver PC program) can be scrubbde.


Optional functions: 

1 、HEUI 3412 ISUZU function

2、 FORD6.0 Injector Carter 3408

3、 Measure six at the same time (without additional flow sensor)

4、Measure four at the same time (without additional flow sensor)

5、Measure two at the same time (without additional flow sensor)

6 、Simultaneous measurement of six (additional flow sensor)

7 、Simultaneous measurement of four (additional flow sensor)

8、 Simultaneous measurement of two (additional flow sensor)

9 、BIP for common rail and piezoelectric injectors

10 、Test FORD 6.0 CAT3408 injectors

11 、Test CAT 3412 ISUZU injectors

12 、Test Delphi E3 

13 、Test CAT 320D pump

14、Test CAT HEUP pump

15 、Test ZME

16 、Test HPI Q60 X15

17 、Test CAT G2.9 3116

18、the measurement of flow measuring(Optional features)

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